Friday, August 9, 2013

Exploring Short North - be brave

This week the kids and I travelled downtown to an area called Short North. This is the art district. Lots of galleries and outdoor murals, cute shops, restaurants and live music in the evenings. It was sort of fun. I love these kind of adventures but I wish I could sometimes experience these things with just adults. But still my kids were entertained. Especially when we got to North Market, an indoor venue with lots of food vendors. We ate at Taste of Belgium and got some authentic Belgium waffles.

One of the things this little outing made me realize is that I need to be braver with my photography. There are parts of our trip that I would have liked to document but I just either didn't think of it at the time or I was too nervous to take the picture. I think people are usually gracious if you ask to take their picture. What does it hurt to ask? The worst thing is they could say no. Here are some of the things I wish  I would have captured:

The homeless man we befriended
The punk rock girl who served us our waffles
The Buddhist man meditating in the park (see below)

Monday, August 5, 2013